The Top 5 Facts About Macaron


As we research on our daily content on food carts, street food and any other information regarding food, we stumble upon some facts that we didn’t know. The term “macaron” comes from the Italian word maccarone, macarone, or maccherone. It is a round, sweet confection cookie sandwich with fillings and is meringue-based (a mixture of egg whites and sugar bitten until whipped cream like).

The cookie is light and crunchy on the outside, but slightly chewy on the inside. From chocolate dipped macarons, to almond macarons, these cookies are a classic treat loved by many people around the world. Did you know these

Pierre Herme the leading macaron creator, is the heir to 4 generations of Alsatian baking and is famously known as The Picassos of Pastry, a name that has been derived from the creativity and inventiveness of maracon flavors. He introduces some of the most unique flavors in the world, and Ispaham is his signature maracon, no doubt about that. Ispahan is made with lychee, rose, and raspberry.

The first maracon came from Italy and not France like most documents suggests. It was brought over as early as 1533 by Catherine De Medici’s chef. Catherine was an Italian noblewoman who later became the Queen of France. The cookie was credited by Pierre Defontaines, the man who came up with the idea of filling them with creamy ganache.

Don’t be confused, whether you should call it macaroon because these are two different things altogether. While both macaroon and macaron start off with meringue base, macaron has finely-ground almond and other things folded in before it is baked into a glossy, smooth topped ruffled disks of delicate cookies. Macaroons on the other hand is American and contains shredded coconut fold-in before it is dropped into the baking sheets and then baked until it becomes crisp on the outside and smoothly chewy in the middle.

Macarons has a classy made form and is gluten free. While cupcakes dominated the early 2000’s with the notable influence of “Sex and the City”, it is maracons’ moment now. The light and airy texture adds to many unique features and taste of maracons. They are simply made from egg, almond, air, and sugar and weighs less than one gram each.

In Paris, France, maracons are considers sweets and are the most sold, beating its French rivals gateaux and éclair by more than double. In 2005, Piere Herme made Le Macaron Day to celebrate the fascination and magic of macarons worldwide. They also raise money on this day for charities, with hundreds of stores giving macarons away for free.

I guess we are all obsessed with the ever-sweet macarons. These are just a few of the many amazing facts on this ingeniously made cookies. Macarons are cherished with people of different cultures, ages and doesn’t seem to be overtaken by competitors any time soon. The flavors are suit different tastes, and you can be sure to get what suits you just fine. We just hope that no changes are made to the existing flavors that can ruin them, unless new flavors are introduced.

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